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My name is Louis Sirois. My office is in Montreal, Canada.

I am a Canadian lawyer, with over 25 years of practice. Member in good standing of the Quebec Bar since 1987. I have always had a great interest in new technologies and online business. I speak both French and English.

We provide expertise regarding legal ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) in Quebec province and Canada, using the “sandbox” program.

We can also provide a very dedicated expertise for escrow services and Canadian regulatory compliance.(FINTRAC, CSA, Quebec AMF), SAFT crypto investment contracts  for Fintech, crypto business and BlockChain startups, at early stage.

Contact info:

Website: (French)

Website: (English)

Twitter: @bitcoinlawyers


Phone: (514) 667-5934

Fax: 1-888-210-4594


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